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Bottomless Brunch

Vibes on Vibes

Indulge in a cultural experience at our café as we introduce our vibrant and flavourful Congolese Savoury Bottomless Brunch. Immerse yourself in the richness of Congolese cuisine, where every bite tells a story and every dish is a celebration of tradition.

Surrounded by the rhythmic beats of Congolese music, laughter filling the air as you sip on bottomless cocktails, mocktails, and drinks. For just £45, you can feast on an array of savoury delights, perfectly complemented by an endless flow of refreshing beverages. It's an experience that promises not just great food, but a journey through the heart and soul of Congolese culture.

But why stop there? Elevate your brunch experience with our premium option for £65, where bottomless food and drink flow freely, plate after plate, ensuring that your appetite is satisfied and your senses are delighted. With 90 minutes per session to revel in the festivities, there's ample time to indulge in culinary delights and soak in the vibrant ambiance.

Securing your reservation is easy – simply book in advance and we'll reach out to you via email to arrange a deposit, ensuring that your spot at our bottomless brunch experience is safely reserved.


So come, join us, and let's celebrate culture, tradition, and good vibes together at our café.

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