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Image by Tina Guina

Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, which sit at 7500 ft above sea level are found between Kingston (South) and Port Antonio (North). This is the highest mountain range in the Caribbean and it’s warm and humid; perfect for cultivating Arabica beans.

What makes a Jamaican coffee a true Blue Mountain Coffee? True Blue Mountain coffee must come from the parishes of Portland, St Andrew, St Mary or St Thomas and at altitudes of between three and five and half thousand feet.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica's tropical climate provides the sunshine and water that ideal for coffee plantations. This perfect combination isn’t found in many places in the world, which is what makes Blue Mountain one of the world best tasting coffees.

The smooth, clean taste of Blue Mountain coffee has given it a worldwide reputation for excellence. Along with Hawaii’s Kona beans, it is not uncommon to hear that blue-mountain beans are on a coffee lovers bucket list.

Expect these flavours:

  • Mild, polished flavour.

  • Smooth but vibrant acidity.

  • Clean taste with very little bitterness.

  • Aroma: Sweet herbs and florals, with overtones of nuts.

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